You Tube vs A Personal Trainer

darren training clientThis is an interesting topic that I recently had some experience with. I had a long time client refer a friend to me for training. The new client decided to try out a session while his buddy was training with me to see how I trained and what I offered.

I changed the training plan to allow working with both of them. One would be using a machine which needs minimal or no spotting and the other would be using free weights where you require spotting. We were going to start with a typical of 8 exercises.

As we began the first training session, I started to explain the training process to the new client . I explained reformat training system works and that we were going to be working on 3 exercises to start. As I was explaining the correct form for exercises 1-3 as well as the exact movements, the client repeatedly stated:

“Oh,  I know how to do this exercise because I saw it on YouTube. I know how to train, don’t worry.”

That’s like saying you learn how to drive by watching someone.

Because he believed Youtube was his trainer, I asked him what  he was currently lifting and kept to that weight so he could really see the difference between what he could accomplish with his Youtube exercises versus a personal trainer using the reformat training system.

I think he may have been surprised at how challenging he found the workout. He didn’t come in the following day.

He did note some difference in working with a trainer like myself – like how the weight was prepared and how the system worked to utilize his time. He will now be working out with me.

From my perspective, Youtube is great for guidance and inspiration for those new to training. Working with a personal trainer is “live motivation” and inspiration wrapped up with knowledge, safety and commitment. I work hard to educate my clients, answer questions, ensure you meet your goals and of course prevent injuries.

Youtube is like a pumped up song that gets you moving, motivators like CT Fletcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Jillian Michaels, Michelle Obama, Dia Manuel, Chrissy Manuel – I have a lot of respect for all of them and find them inspiring myself – youtube videos are great to get you going and give you information BUT it is one-sided communication where as a personal trainer communicates and interacts with you directly and in real-time to correct your form, prevent injury and to push you beyond your comfort zone. And of course keeping you accountable to your training schedule.

Come see for yourself how I am better than Youtube. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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