What Others Say

Darren is an amazing trainer and and very inspiring as a person. His love of fitness and training is contagious and I so appreciate his unwavering belief in me as his client. Training with Darren is tough, there is no doubt about that, but you always leave a training session with an amazing sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose.

I would recommend Darren Darby as a fitness trainer to anyone regardless of their fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Darren is the guy to help you achieve your goals so you can enjoy your life to the fullest!

Nina Corrie

I never thought I would enjoy weight training, let alone grow to love it. Darren is intense but I love his training style. It’s tough but fast and he always pushes me to work harder, faster and lift more. The results I have seen with Darren are fantastic. I see both how my body is changing on the outside and also how my spirit is changing as well. I am now more motivated, focused and I really believe I can achieve any level of fitness I want using his training method and philosophy! 

Tamy Harry

Training with Darren is great. He’s an expert at what he does and I like that I am training with one of the best. The results speak for themselves! .


 I have been training with Darren for just under three months now and have seen excellent results. Darren’s professionalism and knowledge about exercise and nutrition is exemplary. Keeping in mind all my health concerns, Darren designed a workout plan that fit my specific needs. Darren also provides positive feedback after each workout, which is very helpful in keeping me motivated. Overall my experience thus far training with Darren has been excellent and I will definitely continue to use his services in my journey towards reaching my desired fitness level.



Darren has been my personal trainer for a number of years off and on more on when bikini season is coming or I am going on a vacation. He is a great motivator and will push you to your limits, limits that maybe you didn’t even know you had. He made me want to keep pushing myself because I could see results quickly, and that is important to me.

Darren helped me to set realistic goals for myself and kept me on track with a proper meal pan and workout regimen. I keep going back, so he must be doing something right!