Team Training!

With challenges such as Tough Mudder,  Color Me Rad, Spartan Race and more, team training has become more prevalent and common. Although you are training for yourself, it is similar to team sports where your team mates are counting on you.

With team training come benefits like motivation, support, encouragement, accountability, and of course the fun social aspect of camaraderie and team spirit.

581323_10151866788350179_1043123836_nOne of the greatest things about group training is one that there is a goal, a date, deadline and there is a team. As a personal trainer, I love this type of motivation.

I have participated in my fair share of group challenges such as the races listed above including combat sports such as boxing where it is really a team environment. I know how to train effectively in a group and indivdually to excel at your particular race or sport!

Are you looking to train for an upcoming event? I would be happy to train your team! Call me for details and let’s get started today! 604-FIT-NESS.

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