Session 5 – Success!

resultsSession Five

Ok, so we have been on the master cleanse for over a week. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have had bread, rice or desserts!!! It has been quite the journey so far. I am finally able to make healthy choices for my protein and I enjoy my fruits and vegetables. I hope I can still implement this when we are off the cleanse.

It does make a lot of sense; it was just hard for me to see. It’s like I had blinder on when it came to deciding what to eat. I just wanted what tasted good and filled me up quick not realizing that is what got me in this position that I am in. I am happy with cleanse finally.

It is obviously working. I have lost 9 lbs so far!!! This is truly amazing and it definitely inspires me to keep going. Now I have got to get to my training session with Darren!

After sitting at my desk for 8 hrs it felt great to start moving around. We did the usual routine. It certainly hasn’t gotten easier yet. Started with interactive boxing, leg press, ball crunches, sit ups standing up, lying down sit ups, & arm pull down thing. It was short but intense. We were out of there in 1hr 15mins.

Darren said it will start to get done even quicker. I have to say Darren is right about a lot of things. He was right about the cleanse. I had a hard time with it at first but I do feel a lot lighter and better. I know I made excellent choices of what to eat with the cleanse. And obviously it all is working because I am losing weight. That was my goal.

So, Darren can get you to your goal as long as you’re willing to do the hard work. And believe me it is hard to start with but it does get better (I am talking about the food). I do secretly look forward to the training session too though. I like that I have to work hard but I will get results. It is a lot easier to understand this when you start seeing results.

love and hateDarren could talk about it as much as he likes but now that I actually see results it makes me want to train even harder. I don’t know if that is possible because he does push you to your max! But definitely on those days away I feel like I should be doing a lot more. This will work for you too! I promise! If you follow what this guy has to say you too will reap the rewards. This is the third week and yes, I am loving it (but hating it too). Hard to explain! I love it and hate it. But you can slip into your clothes and they fit you better you will love it, but when Darren is yelling at you to work harder and faster you may hate it……..or you may love it.

I certainly needed someone to kick my ass and Darren did. Thanks Darren.

Miss Sass