ReFormat Training

I developed the Reformat Training System during my boxing and work career in order to make the most of the time I had to train between fights.

The basis of my system is working with what people already understand – a schedule! In your work and personal life, we take the familiarity of work and home routines of starting and finishing a task and then use that idea for training.

The training is all about time – it includes:

  • Work time
  • Rest time
  • Using every minute as efficiently as possible


Because I value your time and respect that you are including me in the rotation of your day, my job is to make sure we maximize results in a minimum time.

What most people complete in 2 workout sessions, my clients complete in 1.

Get more done by having a scheduled system in a private personal gym with no interruption. If needed, we can effectively get 10 exercises in a session which would give you the ability to work on two major muscle groups like chest and back while finishing with core and stretching.

If you are doing a 3 day a week training schedule – the timed system allows you to max out on your lifts. For example, when my client Sarah came to see me, she was going to the gym 3 times a week. Each week, she would complete the same workout with the same amount of weight and reps. She saw some success with her routine but quickly plateaued.

When training with me, Sarah was on a timed system with lower weights. Instead of lifting 15lb in a shoulder press for 12 reps, she was now lifting 10lbs for 30 seconds with a minute rest between sets. She was now burning 50% more calories in a shorter period of time. Sarah was lifting to failure and I was there to spot her when needed. Using this method, she was able to gain more strength, burn more calories and see visible results faster.

My job is to see you succeed by pushing you to your limit and getting you to understand that anything is possible .

Along with exercise, my system also stresses the importance of full nutrition. By designing a healthy, vitamin and mineral-rich diet catered to your lifestyle and your particular goal and deadline, I can make sure that your body is getting the fuel it needs to get you where you want to be.

I hope by now you are as convinced as I am that you can make your dreams of self-improvement a reality. It’s not just possible it’s guaranteed.


Your Body. Your Life. Your Time.   Make The Most Of It.


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