Why is Nutrition so important, now and in the future? I will explain with a story.

Time isn’t relevant in this story. In the past in the present or in the future. It doesn’t really matter, the results would be the same. Jack and Jill areĀ  neighbors in a similar neighborhood as your own. They are competitive people with a drive to win. Each of them decide to go to a car dealership to purchase a car.

They both go on the same day to the same dealership,the same salesman and yes, they bought the same car! The salesman wonders who will last longer with the car. He has given them each a manual to read on how to take care of their automobiles. Jill holds her manual tight in her hand and Jack puts it in his rolls it up and puts it in his pocket.

The paperwork has been completed and each of the new owners leave in the car smiling and feeling really proud of their new car. Jack puts his manual in the glove compartment and Jill places hers on the passenger seat.

In the first week of owning the car, Jack calls his buddies to go for road trip. He forgets about the manual and is more focused on showing off the new vehicle. Jill stays home and reads the manual to learn what to do and what not to do. She realized the vehicle is going to be a little costly to maintain.

service engine5000 kilometres later Jack and Jill return to the dealership to have their first maintenance. They both follow through with what is needed. Time goes by and the warranty runs out and it’s time to be one with your own with the vehicle. No one is holding your hand now. The race begins. They both end up going to the same gas station to fuel up. They have the same about of money for fuel. Jill puts a higher end fuel in and looks 😡 at Jack and leaves while Jack 😏 smirks at her while he’s continuing to fuel with the lowest costing fuel.

As time passed maintenance needed to be done Jill goes back to the dealership to get the vehicle serviced. As the shock hit her when she saw the price. There is no warranty but she continues to take her car to the dealership.

Jack on the other hand saw knew a good mechanic worth reasonable prices and decided to go there. As more time passed, more maintenance needed to be done. Jill went to the same dealership for years and has been doing all of the regular scheduled maintenance on time. Jack had a good friend that was a mechanic that was working on his car. There’s was something different about his car in comparison to Jill’s car. When Jill’s car started he realized how smooth it sounded. With his car, he had to turn the keys a few times to start.

Jill at the time has been doing a few road trips with her friends and also bringing her car to car shows to show her car off. Quite a difference between Jack and Jill’s cars. Jack decided to bring his car back to the dealership to get an estimate to service the car. The dealership mechanic a price that he couldn’t afford to pay. They explained the charges. Parts has to be removed. Parts needed to be replaced as he ignored the recalls that needed to be done. The labour charges were ridiculous.

Jack explained that he had a Certified mechanic to do the job. The dealership mechanic said that he did his job but there were a few things he missed. These cars needed certain parts to run soundly. He purchased cost effective good parts but still not the right ones for this car. He explains that Jack should have stuck with going to the dealerships shop. Now Jack sees what kind price he has to pay to get his car properly repaired.

Meanwhile, Jill is still treating the car like it was brand new. She still uses the best fuel, keeps her car clean and always does the maintenance on time. She is still taking road trips with her husband, girlfriends, and sometimes just to get away. She believes that when you treat something right it pays you back.

What’s the moral of the story? Most things created by man mimic the human body. Both the vehicle and our bodies require energy, care, the rights kind of fluids and so on. As we grow older, we all start to wear down. But is that really true for everyone. It seems that there are older people that have more life and excitement than the younger ones. They have had many adventures, are still climbing mountains going against the odds of expected living. Why? Cause they are experiencing the benefits of what the body can do when you drink the right fluids, eat the proper foods, and keep there body in a healthy physical condition.

canstockphoto26139578These older people are the ones that made the following a priority:

  • Daily Exercise
  • Proper eating habits
  • Proper resting
  • Regular check up

What am I trying to say? I want the majority of people to be aware and enjoy what life really has to offer. Treat your body as you would an expensive vehicle. Follow my manual for health and wellness. We may not live forever at the same time we can live very well and maintain our bodies in order to experience all life has to offer.

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