Here comes the Bride!

Do you remember the first time that you met that special someone whether it was in high school, college, University or the park?

You knew in that moment that this was a person that wanted to get close to.

You would tell your friends and till the point that they could barely wait to meet him. Every opportunity to meet this possible man of fate you would put a little extra effort into looking a little more spicy. I’m not a Doctor nor am I researching why people, men and women reorganize their schedule and lives to make that a little extra time to look that much better I just know that the majority of people do work on themselves to impress the other. Wow, think about that.

Motivation.  What we would do to see that sparkle in his eye or what he would do to make you smile. His time and your time, the most valuable thing in life. Now lets travel back to the present and you want the world to know who you two feel about each other. A day to express your feelings to each other and the world.

What else does this mean? Answer… You and your husband are the main stars in the greatest and biggest show of your lives. What do I do? Where do I go? We need to get this all organized. Now with all this in motion and all the time we are going to getting things ready for this special day.

Guess what else you find time for? Yup, yourself. Time to adjust your eating habits and now all of a sudden you have time to train in the gym and put in a hour or more 3 times a week.

What is your Goal: It’s to look absolutely beautiful at your Wedding.

What is your Motivation: Looking your very best for that first time he sees you in your wedding gown and of course by everyone else in attendance as well as for the photos and videos.

Action: You fit in your busy schedule the time to get in shape. There is 24 hours in a day and that will never change but now with this motivation, you still find time in your already busy schedule all while you are planning the wedding. Wow and wow.

If scientists were able to synthesize whatever chemical reaction that occurs in our bodies at this moment of motivation and clarity for our goal, we would have the most productive and healthy country in the world.

Of course goals would be have to be slightly controlled. Why am I mentioning this? I realized that time is something that we unconsciously value more than anything else, and when we have a strong and unwavering motivation, we somehow adjust our schedules to make time for the things that are truly important to us.

Instead of putting a lot of time in areas that mean very little, let’s create goals with this type of motivation and deadlines so that we can invest into our bodies and live a life of adventure.

Rotation Fitness: Make the most of your time.

Darren Darby