Darren personal trainer bcWelcome to Rotation Fitness! You may not know it yet, but just by coming to this website looking for information about health and wellness, you’ve taken the first step toward your goal of a stronger body, a sharper mind, a more abundant spirit – basically, an all-round better you.

Way too often, we do not accomplish our goals because we can’t or don’t imagine them clearly.

We can’t see how to get from where we are to where we want to be. To do this, we not only have to set goals but attach strict deadlines to those goals that truly motivate us.

To do that, we need knowledge. First off, we need to know that our dreams and goals are possible. We also need to know what to do in order to achieve them.   Finally, we need to know who to go to for answers to these questions. To help you with this, let me give you some information about me, my philosophy, and my fitness system.


About Me:

As a former professional boxer, I spent years trying to get the best results possible in the least amount of time. I fought in multiple weight classes, so my training often involved either trimming down or bulking up while keeping myself in peak physical condition. During this time, I also learned first-hand the motivating power of a deadline. My fights were scheduled, so I knew that at a certain place and time, I would have to be within a certain weight range and in the best physical condition possible.

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 To get maximum results in minimum time, I developed a training system that I call ReFormat Training, that was flexible enough to allow me to meet my goals, no matter how challenging they might seem at first. When following the ReFormat Training System, the only thing I had to worry about then was motivation. Did I want to achieve my goal badly enough to go through the training needed to achieve it? As a professional boxer who got paid to fight and could get hurt if I wasn’t at my best, the answer was always “yes!” My motivation was strong and this combined with my ReFormat Training system allowed me to always meet my weight and fitness deadlines.

The system I designed guaranteed my success. I knew at some point I wanted to share my system with others.


My Philosophy:

free consultation darren darby personal trainer surrey bcAfter an eye injury ended my boxing career, I decided to share my fitness system and philosophy with others in order to help them make their dream of self-improvement a reality. But as I said before, to realize our dreams and goals, we have to imagine them clearly. If we don’t know exactly where we we’re going, there’s a good chance we’ll get lost or sidetracked along the way.

In my career now as a personal trainer, I am so honored when clients make me a part of their rotation. I am passionate about the success of my clients and I see working together as a fitness collaboration.

When I first consult with a new client we talk about the following:

  • Their current and past challenges and their history of fitness
  • The reason they want to train and their specific goals
  • Their motivation for wanting to achieve those goals
  • Assessing and eliminating possible obstacles to success
  • Adjusting and altering the ReFormat Training System when needed (ex. Past injuries)


So, maybe for you it’s to run a marathon, or do the Grouse Grind in record time, or simply to look great in a bathing suit this summer.

Setting your goal is your job…Making sure you get there – that’s my job.